Use the balanced line-level signals to connect to powered loudspeakers. Todd R on June 04, , Add to wish list. Bus powering via USB for convenient, single-cable connection to the computer. Fits perfectly in the Petrol PS bag. Warm Audio WA Compare.

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Compare similar items Current product. Original review Show translation. I’m excited that truly pro-level preamps now fit inside a portable computer interface, and smaller budgets too.

The outputs have their own, dedicated front-panel level control. Aany thoughts on sound quality? Peak limiters, high-pass filters, and a 15 dB pad provide overload protection.

Use the balanced line-level signals to connect to powered loudspeakers. Could be with that with there Beta testing etc, meant it was only released as 1. Am really excited, mainly because sound devices usbpre device with simple power packs for mobile phones with power supply.

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The USBPre 2 can be used in Stand-Alone mode sound devices usbpre it operates as a high-quality, portable microphone preamplifier and analog-to-digital converter. Do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or unacceptable for some reason?

Sound Devices USBPre 2

sound devices usbpre It’s a bit pricey but it made for a nice tax write off. Stand-Alone mode is a great option when an revices microphone preamplifer, A-D converter, or D-A converter is required.

It shipped but shortly after it’s debut they issued a software patch to correct some issues. I have heard that modded preamp called a “poor mans V3”.

Sound devices usbpre Microphone Preamplifiers USBPre 2 includes two discrete-transistor microphone preamps with bit converters and sampling rates up to kHz. Help Page Contact Us. Become a Site Supporter sohnd Never see Ads again!

Sound Devices USBPre 2 – Thomann UK

Pretty versatile piece of kit. I’m using mac os The outputs have their own, dedicated front-panel level control.

Acoustic Bass Body design: Extended bandwidth, low-noise microphone preamplifiers with 48 V phantom, limiters, high-pass filters, and 15 dB pad. How can we trust reviews if a range of opinions are not allowed? It’s a perfect sound devices usbpre to SDT recorders which have two preamps sound devices usbpre 4 channels.

Looking for a decent pre that’s not too pricey to pht in front of a tascam Add to wish list. My only point of reference would be to my sound Devices MP-2 which has transformers. The preamp topology is shared with the company’s premier T digital audio recorder sound devices usbpre includes peak limiters, high-pass filters, and a 15dB pad for overload protection.

It’s Sound Devices so I expected it to be well designed and sounding unit. Automatically translated Show original. I’m glad I came across this unit in my research for a new interface, and I know I made the right choice — highly recommended Date published: