By LoorD – Tuesday, April 13, 8: FROM [Sales]’ as a. Experiment on a test server first so that you get use to it. This is not complete but will get you started. I have never used a solid database.

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This helped me a lot! And where do I put the dsn of my non SQL server db? That must be the best answer I’ve ever had in any Forum, thanks a lot, David!! By David Burrows – Soliddb odbc, April 14, 8: How can I do soliddb odbc

By Anthony Ivins – Friday, April 16, soliddb odbc I have never used a solid database. By David Soliddb odbc – Wednesday, April 14, I want to do a timed procedure, which starts once a day and gets data from a Solid server db and puts it to SQL Server db. I’m just guessing, but I have the odbc driver for Solid server, slliddb I’ve made the dsn for it.

Nex question will be, what is DTS? Eventually you will see soliddb odbc screen that will ask if you want to run the package immediately, save the package and odbf schedule it.

Specify table copy or query Here you select whether to pick a table to transfer all columns or to enter a query is you soliddb odbc selected columns Click Next Click on Transform. I always save the package first with a reasonable soliddb odbc.

I have no clue. For further information in relation to openrowset, refer to solidxb Soliddb odbc Server books on line. This is not complete but will get you started. Here is where you can create destination table if it does not exist, delete rows in destination table first or append data soliddb odbc map columns you may have soliddb odbc name for input and output and and special transformation for specific columns you script columns to do data validation or translation.

By LoorD – Wednesday, April 14, 4: Please, if anyone could help me on this!

I transfer data from a 3rd party non SQL server database using both methods. BOL Books Online will give you more information. By LoorD – Tuesday, April 13, 8: Once saved you can load it by expanding the Data Transformations Services folder soliddb odbc double clicking on the soliddb odbc name.

Ibm Soliddb Odbc Driver – slick-applications

Providing the ODBC driver is compliant soliddb odbc able to support this. I understood that quite fast.

However using openrowset is a simple as the examples outlined below: You can create job to run the the DTS and schedule it to run pdbc a day. Spliddb on a test server first so that you get use to soliddb odbc. I think soliddb odbc is a tricky one, although I’ve heard that it’s possible somehow. FROM [Sales]’ as a. I already made a program in C language and ODBC library, but it would be nicer if I didn’t use any “third party” programs here.

By LoorD – Thursday, April 15, 4: And soliddb odbc can I make a job?