Why would Pentax not go for Mirrorless apart from reason of legacy lens support. In macro mode, you can focus on objects between 0. We couldn’t find the price for this product. So, this camera is an auto-exposure only camera, with a full automatic mode, program auto, and a set of scene modes. Using high-capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries, I experienced good battery life. The Optio E40 performed pretty much like an affordable, entry level camera. Lack of optical viewfinder I like to run with the display turned off to maximize battery life in the back-country.

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Pentax Optio E40 Review

If you do a full press, you need to wait for the camera to autofocus — pentax optio e40 focusing happens quickly, shutter lag was as fast as 0. It’s a lot like its predecessor, but for the most part, that’s okay.

The camera can also handle lithium batteries, if you really want the best battery life possible. The Bottom Line For a pocket-money price — perfect if you pentax optio e40 a snapshot for the kids or granny — the entry-level F40 Optio E40 delivers a fair amount for the outlay, including consistent image performance and a wider array of features than you’d expect.

Bottom pentax optio e40, however, I think that there are better options out there in this price range, like the Nikon Coolpix L series cameras.

The press release does not have any details but here you go. When you want to share special memories with your friends or relatives, you can make copies of recorded images or movies on a DVD or videotape, simply by connecting the Optio Pentax optio e40 to a DVD recorder or video deck via the included AV cable.

Macintosh computers running OS 9. The main reason I pwntax searched for a replacement is the picture quality, specifically the color accuracy. The only metering option with the E40 is a pentax optio e40 metering system, which is perfectly pentx for users of this camera.

Pentax Optio E40 Specs – CNET

With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line I purchased this primarily as a take-everywhere point-and-shoot camera. The maximum aperture at wide angle is f2.

I 71 Nikon Mirrorless survey and M43 68 mm F4. Nikon Mirrorless survey and M You can choose from several modes: The zoom incldes digital and is excellent. As a hobbyist Photographer, this is probably the most pentax optio e40 function pentax optio e40 me. Auto does everything for you and limits the number of settings that you can change. An excellent camera in a small package, easy to keep close at hand! Startup took a few seconds, but shutter lag when taking a shot after a partial press of the shutter was around 0.

Another key aspect when I was selecting a new digital camera was the shutter lag time and write-to-memory lag time.

Other times it pentax optio e40 up perfectly clear, so with that Im assuming there are options to change that. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Nice compact size and good ergonomics Easy to use Good battery life. Does Prntax mean a lower cost P soon?

Negatives of the camera? Skip to main content. Shedding some light on the sources of noise.

Pentax Optio E40 Review – DigitalCameraReview

See all user reviews. Too, if offers and almost dizzying array of manually selected features for exposure, composition, white balance, contrast pentax optio e40 even manual focus. In fact, this pentax optio e40 meant a subtly curved grip to one side that makes it easier to maintain a firm hold and avoid camera shake.

During image capture, you can take images with a frame there are a few built-in ones using the Frame Composite mode.

Most other point and shoot cameras already have EV compensation, Light balance, and other things such as manual ISO sensiti pentax optio e40, but rarely the ability to focus, and definitely not for a low price. Bundles that include this product.