The WIP is the higher-end model, sporting a larger 2. You simply press and hold down the center selection key for two seconds until you see an orange navigation cursor. The delay should be user-configurable. Has anyone found a way to launch a version of Linux that can work on this Device?????? I couldn’t figure out way to add a currently viewed webpage to Favorites. While you are on a call, you can mute the call, put the caller on cold and even answer a second call on Line Linksys sent me a WIP for a product review two weeks ago and I played around with it quite a bit, but just never found the time to write the review.

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In fact, I initiated a 2nd call to XXXX from another phone and I heard a series on tones on the ear-piece indicating a 2nd inbound call. The WIP unit adds hotspot support and the ability to browse the Web on its 2. The handset features peer-to-peer dialing, speed dial, 3-way conferencing, call waiting, call transfer, and call forward, mute, hold and selectable ringtones. Entering in URLs using linjsys a number pad is a bit of a pain, but with a little practice I was able to quickly navigate some hsb on the 2.

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Money looks like fat; from both there is enough, but always on the wrong places! If anyone knows of a working driver then please post the link.

The handset stores the last 20 call history records and can save phone book entries. The comfort noise generation Wi;330 also helps the voice quality perception.

Linksys WIP Wireless-G IP Phone Review

Message 7 of 9 4, Views. The sound quality was excellent, which is attributable to the G. Message Edited by CaribDigita on Linksys is known for easy, turnkey networking solutions, so considering the complexity of WiFi combined with configuring VoIP SIP settings, I was impressed with how easy the phone was to install.

The similarities end there. Certainly Windows CE has the ability to run a Skype client. It’s worth mentioning that Linksys makes a similar model, called the WIP Subscribe to Blog via RSS.

WIP330 and USB support

Simply by pressing the softkey button underneath “Switch” on the LCD caused it to toggle between the two calls. Message 1 of 9 6, Views.

Message Edited by Sermeister on The WIP is the higher-end model, sporting a larger 2. You can also upgrade the firmware of wip3300 phone over an IP connection.

I enjoy the phone, just wished that it had more interconnectivity with my computer. Asked the pupil to the wiseman: Then you can use the navigation pad to scroll up and down the webpage. I consider it a wasted investment. This is a pain considering how difficult it is to type a long URL along with special characters: I tested the browser and it worked pretty well, but you’ll definitely want to add your commonly visited sites to the Favorites, since I already stated, typing on the number pad is tedious.

WIP and USB support – Linksys Community

I couldn’t figure out way to add a currently viewed webpage to Favorites. One caveat – Linksys pre-configured the SIP settings for me, but I checked them out and could have just as easily entered the info myself.

Although you can browse the web on the phone, really the browser’s primary purpose is to allow you to logon to hotspots, hotel WiFi networks, and other WiFi networks that require some sort of Web-based authentication – often used to ask for billing info.

Here are the specifications: The toolbar didn’t display an icon for adding the current page to Favorites which would make it much easier. Message 4 of 9 5, Views. Message 6 of 9 5, Views. I only can explorer on my device. The delay should be user-configurable.