Tekken 7 is being released on PC in less than 2 weeks and that Gravis Gamepad Pro is the only gamepad I own, along with a broken Playstation 2 dual shock controller. Not as soft a feel as the original PSX controller it emulated, but never a problem for me. There will be no ruining your thumbs trying to get the controller to respond or accidental response when lightly brushing a button. Plug the first controller into the back of your computer and then add a second one on top of that. Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with unsourced statements from May This article needs additional citations for verification.

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The Gravis D-pad is literally doing the gravis gamepad pro thing. Just don’t count on the d-pad being much good. But the dpad ass for old school emulation. As originally found in some versions of the Sega Master System controller, the center of the Gravis GamePad’s d-pad gravi a small joystick to be inserted.

I’ll sell you mine USB adapters no lectures on the dpad, thank you very much. From its pictures, it seems to have a stick-like thingie technical term in place of the usual, well, I gravis gamepad pro know the name of that particular button.

The d-pad on the DS2 is notably looser than the DS1, of course. I got my money’s worth. Sun Dec 08, 5: Anyone knows if such beast exists? They’re the same vravis, for all intents and purposes, protocol-wise.

The resulting lever action provides increased directional sensitivity, desirable in fighting games for example.

Not as soft a feel as the gravis gamepad pro PSX controller it emulated, but never a problem for me. After playing with the pad in several different types of games, it is definitely better for certain types of gravis gamepad pro than others even though it works for any game that supports a pad.

Buy a threaded rod of the same size any hardware store should have ittighten it in until it touches the bump on the Dual Shock cross, do a couple more turns until you lift the cross about the same height it was on the Dual Shock D-Pad. I do however have big hands.

Gravis PC GamePad

Anyone got a suggestion? I bought that gamepad in and I only used it to play a couple of emulated Playstation 1 games so I forgot gravis gamepad pro its D-Pad was absolutely terrible. They are spaced far enough apart that you won’t be hitting more than one button unless you mean to or pri have a swollen thumb.

One icon from the Nuvola icon set gravis gamepad pro the GamePad. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. One other nice feature that those of you without USB ports or a second game port will like is the split plug on the cord. I’m laughing like an idiot.

Gravis PC GamePad – Wikipedia

The Gravis logo is replaced with the Philips logo. Vincent commented on the same pr but after playing with the controller for a while, it really is only a minor complaint. Languages Italiano Edit links. This article needs additional citations for gravis gamepad pro.

Gravis GamePad Pro – Computing History

It doesn’t control gravis gamepad pro well in games such as StarLancer however. In fact, I didn’t At least mine was gravis gamepad pro, some are grey like the one on the following pic That little piece of plastic is the key of its precision for two reasons: Thouse of us who picked one up early got a hell of a deal on a true PnP device that did everything right, long cord, all the right buttons, decent feel.

gamepax Aug 15, Posts: The Gravis gamepad pro is the finest PC gamepad on the market, bar none. One of the pads that proves this inconsistency is Gravis’ entry into gravis gamepad pro low end market with the GamePad Pro.

Not only does the Gravs have a tendency to move diagonally when you don’t want it to, but the four main gravis gamepad pro are pretty stiff and can’t be pressed as fast as I’d like. Jul 10, Posts: