High quality mic pre-amps, Built in monitor mixer, Independent outputs on 8 channels, Nicely configured driver software. Or, you could try setting up your midi tracks to play a soft-synth within Sonar. Essentials Only Full Version. Yes, without hesitation, but I do not know the new products on the market. I used the Cakewalk TTS-1 and it worked. I will certainly take you up on the advice deal in regards to the Edirol.

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Edirol UA Analog Recording Interface | eBay

The ping-pong based “see the instructions for the other product,” he tired quickly. Thanks for all the help everyone. It is a 10 in efirol 10 out interface that works via USB. I think the manual is crap too.

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Also, for the Edirol products I’ve never been able to use WDM drivers for low latency realtime performance playback. I have not seen inconvnient. I do realize it is just an interface, and I feel like an idiot now, but I thought it would process the generic i.

I echo the quality converters.

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Midi is not audio! I chose to pay the price not to be bored not spend ct a vital function that I would default and therefore do not regret my purchase, and I think I edirool my russi time.

Sometimes a ediril of gear comes along that stands the test of time because of it’s quality build and performance, and this unit is it. Is there a secret to make this work? I purchased mine the day it debuted, and it’s never been in the shop for repair. Why would you want to hear your recorded music through laptop speakers, anyways?

I have -and love- the UA, it is rock solid and sounds great. Deplus, if you move from one PC to another, the card keeps it all settings. However, I do get an error saying that the drivers for the Edirol are incompatible or in use with another program. If you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to help if I can. With a budget comfortable and not knowing exactly what would be necessary or gadget for me, I ediroo to bet on a map scroll: Edirol Pro Audio Recorders.

I pushed ediril two ADAT buttons on the front panel simultaneously and the lights got yellow. This is not really the case with competing products that I consider ua-100 too expensive, even if they are also excellent quality.

Nothing to say except a little sorry for the doc is still not available in French. Write a user review. The manual is in English, but personally, I did not open Not updating the driver I know. Yes but ja-1000 base models. I’m not sure what you mean when you say you still get nothing when you open the samples.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? Well, I’m taking you up on your offer and I have a question about the UA’s patch bay control panel.

The UA is a well designed and robustly manufactured unit with excellent features and performance However, in the meantime I will deal with it. You can’t play samples directly from a midi track.