Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. We tested the screen at a lower x resolution to see how the screen handles the interpolation of the resolution. The profile is a bit thinner and the power consumption should be a bit lower, but it doesn’t really wow you or even matter in day to day situations. The luminance range of the screen was quite wide with an adjustment range of Static contrast ratio remained pretty even across the adjustment range, with an average figure of Input lag – both are very low really but the UHM has the advantage with only 0. At the lowest setting the bottom of the lower bezel is approximately 47mm from the desk so you can get a nice low height if you require.

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Panel Uniformity – The UHM wins here with a much better luminance uniformity than the UH from our tests Office and Windows – Nothing to really separate them dell u2312hm monitor Viewing angles – again, nothing to really separate them Movies Overall – I’ve given the slight edge to the UH because of its better calibrated black dell u2312hm monitor and contrast ratio, which will help monitlr shadow detail and darker scenes.

The UHM has a nice high resolution of x which is good for side by side office work. However the Dell brand, support and the feature set of the screen attracts this slightly higher price and it’s still well worth a look in dell u2312hm monitor 23″ sector.

In standby the screen uses only 0. The calibration was a great success. This does make it a little thicker than some of the ultra-thin profile screens you can find which offer an external power brick.

A Further 2x USB 2. This is mojitor on dell u2312hm monitor OSD brightness setting which controls the backlight intensity, and therefore has a direct correlation to the power consumption.

This is actually a little more than dell u2312hm monitor UM’s range of mm. Black depth and contrast ratio not as good as we’d hoped. Good range of adjustments and mostly easy to use.

The stand comes packages disconnected from the screen in the box. There is some minimal overlapping of the text across sub-pixels as you can see in the photo which results dell u2312hm monitor this blurring.

Dell UHM Review – TFTCentral

Once dell u2312hm monitor is on, press the dell u2312hm monitor button to bring up the menu. To the end user this doesn’t really signify a massive difference in real terms. You can turn the DCR function on or off in the display settings section of the menu should you want to.

When using a colorimeter with a W-LED backlit screen there can be a typical deviance of – k in the white point measurement which is why some sources may refer to a different white point in this test incorrectly.

At more extreme angles the image goes a little darker but in fact this was not as noticeable as on some other e-IPS panels we’ve tested including the Dell UM.

For this test I would use the colorimeter to delll the luminance and black depths at the two extremes. Since the pale dell u2312hm monitor is a dell u2312hm monitor less noticeable than the dark overshoot, the UH has perhaps the slight edge in responsiveness as a result here I think.

That is a little difficult to explain but hopefully makes sense. The screen is VESA mm compatible.

Input lag was very good on both but the 0. Having said that, it dell u2312hm monitor as bad as some other models we have seen including Dell’s own U and certainly the gamer orientated Dell u2312hm monitor XLT.

The DCR didn’t seem to work at all. The back of the screen is again a matte black plastic and is nicely rounded and enclosed well. This was lower than the already very good UH Good panel uniformity from our sample may vary.

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Dell have not made monktor option available through the normal OSD menu, but if you want, you can turn it on and off. A summary of the screens ergonomic adjustments is shown below: The edges of the screen are a little rounded, more so than the rather straight lined UH in fact.

The swivel adjustment dell u2312hm monitor smooth and quite easy to use, del the base of dell u2312hm monitor screen stays firm on the desk while the stand swivels from side to side.

Design and Ergonomics Above: Let’s hope that extends to other samples and units as well as this could present a positive change which would impact the end user. I’ve dell u2312hm monitor a table summarising these screens side by side based on the testing we have carried out and on my opinions.

Stay up to date: The UH is a tad slower with a bit more motion blur, but no obvious overshoot.